Terms and Conditions


“Company” GS Connections Ltd trading as Bristol Beams. Registration Number 11868497

“Contract” any contract between the Company and the Customer for the sale of good and or services

“Customer” the person, organisation or company who agrees to purchase the good or services provided by the Company 

“Product” the goods or services provided by the company in accordance with the contract 

“Order” the order for the supply of Products including their specification 

1.0 The price quoted through the web-site is valid for the period of the Customers session.

1.1 It is the Customers responsibility to check the order fully prior to making payment. On paying the price, the Customer has assumed all responsibility for any and all dimensions and measurements, including that the ordered materials or product meets that of its intended use. Once payment has been made, the Customer agrees that the Company will use and rely on the information provided within the order to fabricate the required products.

1.2 When the Customer completes the order by paying the price quoted through the website in full, a legally binding contact will be formed between the Customer and the Company in accordance with the Order.

1.3 All products are manufactured to Order and the Customer understands that the Order may not be amended, revised or cancelled once the price has been received. 

1.4 The Customer confirms that the card being used for payment is their own or they have the card holder’s permission to use it. If the payment is refused for whatever reason then no Contract exists between the parties.

1.5 If an error has been made in respect to the pricing of a Product, the Company will not be obliged to supply the Product at the incorrect price or at all. The Company will make an attempt to contact the Customer and confirm the correct price for the Product. If the Company cannot contact the Customer and or the Customer is not willing to pay the correct price then Order will be cancelled and a refund made.   

1.6 Delivery dates given during the Order process are issued in good faith and the Customer accepts they are not guaranteed. 

1.7 Ownership of the Product will be transferred from the Company to the customer at time of delivery. 

1.8 Delivery drivers are insured to use vehicles on public roads only. If the ordered Product is required to be delivered in an area which is not a public road then alternative methods of delivery will need to be arranged. If the Customer is not able for any reason to take delivery of the Product then it will be taken away and the Company will be entitled to charge for any additional costs incurred.

1.9 It is not a responsibility of the Company to lift the product by crane and the Customer must ensure the delivery location is both safe and accessible. The Customer agrees to pay standing time and or storage costs if delivery is delayed or abandoned by the Company as a result of the Customer not being able to take delivery

2.0 Delivery can only be made to external ground floor locations and it is the customers responsibility to place the product at point of final location. Any fitting or installation services will need to be by agreement at point of order as no instructions will be accepted on delivery.

2.1 The Company takes no responsibility for loss or damage during the course of delivery whatsoever

2.2 The Customer agrees that a representative will be available to take delivery. If this is not the case then instructions will need to be received beforehand any and all rescheduled deliveries will be chargeable.

2.3 The fabricator may dispose of any unclaimed or undelivered products within 14 days 

2.4 All products will need to be to be fully inspected at time of delivery and will be deemed to be accepted at that point as being fully compliant with and to have conformed to the order.

2.5 If after 2 days written notice is given to the Company identifying the reason why the Customer believes the product has not confirmed with the Order and after 5 days if the Company agrees with that assessment, then an alteration, replacement or refund will be offered to the Customer at a reasonable time free of charge.  

2.6 The Company retains the right to cancel the order at any time and if this is the case will refund the Customer the amount paid for the Order. 

2.7 The Company will under no circumstances be liable through any legal or other route for any direct or indirect costs or losses, and no action can be bought via claims either directly or indirectly or via a third party in connection with the products supplied or the Order placed.

2.8 When a Customer places an Order with the Company it is accepted by the Customer that the total liability that the Company is exposed to is limited to the price of the order.

2.9 If advice or a statement has been given by the Company or a Company representative (other than a Director) it is not classed as legally binding this includes but is not exclusive to giving advice written or oral, guaranteeing delivery dates or agreeing to any condition. 

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